CDIL Diode Zener

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Product Specification

Axial Leaded Plastic Package

5W Zener Diode

(Zener Voltage Tolerance is +10% and Suffix 'B' is for +5% Tolerance.)

Application: Barrier Rectifier For Use in : Barrier Rectifier , High Frequency Inverters,

Free Wheeling and Polarity Protection

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Product Details

Device Types

1N5333B (3.3V) 1N5352B(15V) 1N5371B(60V)

1N5334B(3.6V) 1N5353B(16V) 1N5372B(62V)

1N5335B(3.9V) 1N5354B(17V) 1N5373B(68V)

1N5336B(4.3V) 1N5355B(18V) 1N5374B(75V)

1N5337B(4.7V) 1N5356B(19V) 1N5375B(82V)

1N5338B(5.1V) 1N5357B(20V) 1N5376B(87V)

1N5339B(5.6V) 1N5358B(22V) 1N5377B(91V)

1N5340B(6.0V) 1N5359B(24V) 1N5378B(100V)

1N5341B(6.2V ) 1N5360B(25V) 1N5379B(110V)

1N5342B(6.8V) 1N5361B(27V) 1N5380B(120V)

1N5343B(7.5V) 1N5362B(28V) 1N5381B(130V)

1N5344B(8.2V) 1N5363B(30V) 1N5382B(140V)

1N5345B(8.7V ) 1N5364B(33V) 1N5383B(150V)

1N5346B(9.1V) 1N5365B(36V) 1N5384B(160V)

1N5347B(10V) 1N5366B(39V) 1N5385B(170V)

1N5348B(11V) 1N5367B(43V) 1N5386B(180V)

1N5349B(12V) 1N5368B(47V) 1N5387B(190V)

1N5350B(13V) 1N5369B(51V) 1N5388B(200V)

1N5351B(14V) 1N5370B(56)